Reply To: Binaural tracks and blending into stereo mix

February 27, 2023 at 4:04 pm #5021
Bob Katz

    How was the binaural track made? “Blending” in binaural with a multi-miked stereo mix is an art that I would like to learn myself. It’s not just “blending”… there’s a lot of necessary manipulation to make it sound convincing. I have a wonderful binaural recording I made with a dummy head in a jazz club… .but of course the balance is a bit awry… the piano is too far away and the vocal is pretty much lost. I have the full set of close mikes available to me, provided by the club owner, but have not yet had the time to investigate the tools needed to”mix in” the close mikes with specialized manipulation to end up with a convincing binaural picture. Not simple. Not simple at all.

    I know that Flux SPAT can output a mix into various formats, including binaural. I also own “Virtuoso”, which can take a stereo or immersive mix originally intended for loudspeaker reproduction, and produce a convincing picture of loudspeakers or perhaps even performers in space — to be played in binaural on headphones!  That tool works very well for its intended purpose….  PERHAPS it would allow me to take the close stereo piano mikes and move them to virtual positions  to integrate with the soundstage that the main binaural microphone picked up.