Reply To: Large diaphragm mikes versus small. Is there a winner?

February 27, 2023 at 10:04 am #5012
Charles Lawson

    It depends on your circumstances and the coloration you may be desiring.  (And ALL microphones have their own coloration, claims to “neutrality” notwithstanding.)  It truly is an individual choice and an individual preference.

    If you are working in a live concert situation and someone objects to large microphones in the field of view, you can still get superb results with small diaphragm, low-profile mic bodies.  Modern designs are incredible in their performance.

    If you are seeking a particular “color” or “vintage” sound, one of the classic large-diaphragm mics might be just the ticket.  However, keep in mind that there are numerous processing packages which can apply a coloration mask to audio captured by a “neutral” small capsule mic in order to emulate a vintage mic.  Some of these packages are *very* good and can easily fool a trained ear.

    I guess, pretty soon we will be able to ask an AI to “make this tinny recording sound like it was recorded with classic Neumann M-50s at Abbey Road” and, Presto!, it shall be done.