Reply To: Mastering Without A Limiter?

February 17, 2023 at 10:43 pm #4953

I dunno why applause would kick up the true peak 11 dB, but a tricky problem we get in EE grad school is this (assume our unit of time is the same as the sampling period, so by definition, the sample rate is 1).



So what is shown is perfect reconstruction of continuous-time x(t) from the samples x[n] where it looks like it was a pure tone at the Nyquist frequency.  But at t=0, there is a polarity reversal.  It turns out that, even though all of the samples are limited in amplitude to ±1, the reconstructed x(t)  blows up to infinity between t=-1 and t=0.

So this applause would have to be some pretty goofy set of samples toggling polarity each sample instance with one hiccup where they don’t toggle polarity.