Reply To: What’s your favourite mixing console of all time?

February 14, 2023 at 9:52 am #4890
bob stjohn

    Mixing? SSL 4000G.  Recording…Neve 80 series or Trident A-range.  Took me years to arrive at those conclusions…and while I truly believed I would have enjoyed mixing on an 80 series Neve (it was equipped with GML automation at the time) but I found myself missing the warm and fuzzy SSL console qualities, as well as the extra compressors and gates.  Conversely…I’ll record on an SSL if that’s what the studio has…but I just don’t like the sound of the preamps…so I’ll always use outboard mic pres on an SSL.   I feel bad for any engineer who hasn’t had the breathtaking experience of recording on an 80 series Neve…and well, once you know…you know, right?