Reply To: Hello. I need to qualify a statement made here…

February 13, 2023 at 10:18 pm #4879

I’m just saying that conventions and APIs are different today than 15 years ago.  Like doing stuff in JUCE is something that’s a thing that I have seen, enough to have a little discussion with Jules Storer about AudioSampleBuffer (it needed to have sampleRate as a field in its definition).  But I would never consider myself sufficiently knowledgeable about JUCE to tell people how to do something in that syntax.

But I might tell people how to do the same something in a straight C or C++ context.  Like how to define signals, controls, and processes to make your DSP modular, sorta like a eurorack module, but virtual.  (But that is sorta redundant with what JUCE does.)

I’m wondering if it would ever be possible to do MathJax here.  I have absolutely no idea how something like that is installed.  But if we can’t, I might be able to display equations using a screenshot of it.

Also, I (or we) need to figger out how to do Tags.  Because I think they need to be in a set that you have some control on the content of the set.  That way, with the most complete and concise set of tags, sorting and searching and finding has the most utility.