Reply To: What are your favourite mics for recording guitar amps and why? :)

February 5, 2023 at 11:06 am #4733
Bob Katz

    I think placement is far more important than mike choice when it comes to guitar amps or anything!

    My favorite guitar mike is the one that I can place at just the right distance and location in front of the amp to get the effect that I’m looking for! This is true again and again for every instrument. I once did a demonstration when I was teaching years ago at the Institute of Audio Research, about 10 different mikes in front of a pair of clarinets. Each mike had its own character, but to be honest, the character of the clarinet came through in all cases. So, in my opinion, the musician and their sound and amp choice comes first, then the room, then the placement, then the mixdown!

    When I recorded the late Larry Coryell’s guitar amp in an overdub, I placed one mike in front of the cab, and a stereo pair farther out in the studio. This allowed me to integrate Larry’s guitar sound with the feel of the rest of the highly acoustic jazz group in the later mixdown. Today we might use an impulse response sample of the room as the reverberation on Larry’s guitar. Or, a direct box with a guitar amp simulation (of which there are many that sound great) and early reflections from something like Leapwing Stage One or UAD Ocean Way.