Reply To: Audiophiles

February 3, 2023 at 1:03 pm #4695
Bob Katz

    Roger that. It goes both ways. The cool thing is that here at Digido Fora we can take a deep dive on anything of this sort that may occur, and hopefully straighten out both sides on matters that count.

    Well, I hope so 🙂

    There’s a such thing as legitimate and valid disagreements. Also, regarding audiophilia, I like to weigh the logical likelihood of an assertion to be true. Not put all the conspiracy theories into the same basket :-). For example, the assertion that there are audible differences in digital cables. No, forget that one. The assertion that one magic dot stuck on your wall can change your life. How about that one? Highly unlikely, so I don’t waste my time trying to chase it down, as I have bigger fish to fry. I reply, politely, and diplomatically to the poster.