Reply To: Another self intro from Australia

February 3, 2023 at 7:53 am #4586
Bob Katz

    OMG, Allan! Your musical experiences and training will for sure help you along the way in engineering. Ethnomusicology! That’s exciting. I studied Anthropology for one year in school. Wesleyan University, where I went for a while, has an incredible Ethnomusicology department, with a resident Gamelan ensemble since 1960! So that’s where I was first exposed to the Gamelan, until Mary and I went to Bali (so near you!) a few years ago. And I have more than a little exposure to and working with the Didgeridoo! Having mixed and mastered two albums so far by the incredible Singaporean percussionist Mohammed Noor, who is finishing up recording his third album that he also wants me to mix and master!