Reply To: Dannii here saying hi from Australia

February 1, 2023 at 7:54 pm #4559
Allan Klinbail

    Hi Dannii,

    Allan Klinbail here from Melbourne… (actually Dandenong Ranges – Wurundjeri Land).  Nice to meet a fellow Antipodean..

    I’ve been arount the electronic music scene in Melbourne for a couple of decades (encroaching 3) .. .Done a  bit of live mixing for a couple of heavy bands and also at some community festival type things..

    Only really been mastering at a semi professional (have a day job in IT still ugggh) have done a couple of paid mixing jobs (I really love it but can’t really take on clients while I’m part time.. just take too long to finish projects)..

    Anyway.. I was really happy to see an Australian.. I know there are a few others that may pop up..