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Graphics and Replication

Digital Domain has been replicating CDs (and later DVDs) for our clients since 1990! Mastering clients who would like to replicate CDs receive an additional discount beyond our already excellent prices. As recognized experts on digital audio and graphic design, we've been "around the block" a few times so we've probably encountered all the possible problems in this complex industry. Call us at +1 (407) 831-0233. Or you can email us.
A Few Words about Price and Quality
Contrary to popular belief, a Compact Disc is not a commodity. Shopping for the lowest price disregarding service and quality will result in an inferior product, or one which may not make it to your door on time. We've heard sad stories from musicians and artists who went for the lowest price and received scratched or cracked jewel boxes, crumpled booklets, dust under the shrink wrap, inferior shrink wrap, bad printing on the booklets and labels, stains on the underside of the CDs, even fingerprints on the CDs--and a replicator that never answers their phone calls. These stories seem incredulous, but we've heard them from the victims themselves. We never cut costs to the bone at the expense of the look and feel of a good product. Always make the best possible impression with your design and your music.

Our on-time record, delivering when we promise, is one of the best in the industry. We bend over backwards to try to get your CDs (or DVDs) in your hands on or before the date planned. Piper, Mary, Todd and Bob watch over your project with loving care.

You are an artist and a musician. If you are looking for personal service and responsiveness, then you have come to the right place. Mary, Todd, Bob and all our assistants always answer your calls personally. Our entire job is making our artists (and clients) happy.
Glass Mastering at 1X Speed
Technically speaking, we feel that glass mastering, pressing cycle times, and quality of premastering play a meaningful role in CD sound quality. But as the years have gone on, advances in CD players and in laser beam cutters may have obviated the advantages of 1X speed glass mastering. Regardless, whenever possible, we glass master at 1X speed and this is performed at no extra charge, but it is becoming harder to find LBRs that still cut at 1X speed. Please make a special request to glass master at 1X speed if you feel this is important to you. Most other plants will not glass master at 1X or else they charge extra for this service.

Audio Quality is always our first concern. The difference is in the pre-mastering. Write us for our demo CD; mastered by Bob Katz, one of the best mastering engineers in the business. We think it is one of the most transparent-sounding CDs you'll ever hear. Check out the sonic difference between mixed source and master of many types of music. The pressing was carefully quality-controlled at our plant, mastered at 1X speed, producing a master with better coherency, clarity, and depth. Always insist on the best quality; it doesn't cost much more and gives you peace of mind.
Please write or call our office manager, who can give you an exact quote, including costs of shipping to your location. For the latest replication pricing please write us.

Exceptional discounts for Mastering Clients
All CDs have two-color labels at no extra charge. Full-color and additional colors are also available. For an additional cost we also offer clear trays (which allow for beautiful designs on the inside of the traycard). You can put something nice on the traycard which will be seen through the clear portion of the tray onto the outside of the jewelbox, even when shinkwrapped!
Graphic Design and CD Booklet Template
Digital Domain also features CD Booklet printing as well as Graphic design, and digital imaging, from original concept to finished films. If you are doing your own graphic design, then you will need to download our CD booklet templates in QuarkXPress or Illustrator format. Mary Kent, our graphic artist, will be happy to talk you through how to use the templates.

Graphic Design
You do not have to use our graphic design services; if you have your own graphic designer produce films, there is no charge for graphic design. If you need graphic design, our creative graphic artist, Mary Kent, has produced many wonderful and original designs. Graphic design is done by quotation, the price varies depending on the size of the booklet(s) or Digi-Paks, and our graphic design creates the digital files necessary to do the printing. We'll send you some samples of her work along with our brochure.

A registered, unique BARCODE number is included free. If we are doing the graphic design, we will incorporate barcode into the traycard design. If you are doing the graphic design, we will send you a high-resolution EPS graphic with the barcode that you can lay into your tray card.
Booklet Printing
A "typical" CD booklet is four panels (a single sheet folded), full color on the outside, and black and white on the inside. The tray card is the portion on the back side of the CD jewel box, and is in full color.

Black and white printing on the inside of the traycard (for purposes of a clear tray) is done at no extra charge. Color printing on the inside of the traycard is .05 additional, unless you are printing full color on both sides of your booklet; in that case, full color on inside of traycard is free. Please call for our schedule of prices for full color on the inside.

Yes--you can print in color on the inside of the booklet, you can print on the backside of the traycard and have a clear tray to see through to the backside of the traycard, and you can even have a full-color CD label. These are extra-cost options.

The minimum quantity of CD booklets is 1000. Because of quality control, we may print up to 10% more booklets (1100). You only pay for the quantity which is printed. Anyway, it's important to print some more booklets than CDs in case some get lost or spoiled. There are many forms of booklets, including CD sleeves, Digipaks, CD Posters---just ask!

Goodies for Graphic Designers
Digital Domain's graphic artist, Mary Kent, has produced beautiful, delightful, original CD booklet designs that any artist would be proud to have. But you may wish to design your own CD booklet, or prefer to have your own graphic artist design it for you. Digital Domain is your resource, providing your artist with the proper specifications to create the films (color separations) you need to send us for printing. Sometimes you're in a hurry to get started; in that case, download all the specifications you need here, 24 hours a day. (We're also happy to send printed specifications via snail mail.)

Downloading Tips
If you have trouble downloading, first configure your browser to save the file of the particular type (usually hqx) rather than automatically launch a helper application. Then launch your decompression utility (we recomend Stuffit Deluxe for the MacIntosh computer) to translate and decompress the file.

Compact Disc logo
Click on this Compact Disc Logo to download a (34 Kbyte) Stuffit archive in binhex format. When translated and unstuffed, you will have two files in EPS (Adobe Illustrator) format for insertion on your own CD label. The CD Logo in black can be changed to any Pantone color within the Illustrator application. The CD logo in white is for color reversal (knockout) purposes.

CD booklet
Click on this CD Booklet to get our CD booklet specs as a Quark Doc. This is NOT a template, it just describes the measurements for a typical size booklet.

CD label
Click on this CD Image to view our CD label specs as a pdf.

All these files can also be found directly in our downloads section (under the tab "Media").