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K-Stereo by Algorithmix


K-Stereo is the world's first Ambience Recovery Processor

Now Developed As A High-Resolution VST Processor In Conjunction With Algorithmix!

How to make it BIG in the music business


K-Stereo is the world's first Ambience Recovery Processor

Take a fair-quality stereo mix and make it sound great. Add the ultimate spice to a great mix.

Restore classic 16-bit recordings to modern standards, enhancing and revealing inner ambient details befitting a 24-bit world. You may not believe it until you try it!

Increase intelligibility of mono voice recordings in the conversion to stereo by placing the existing stereo ambience around the original voice, taking advantage of the ears' binaural decoding ability.

Mastering engineers, this box is the ultimate sound polisher!

  • The K-Stereo processor helps you get that BIG sound from existing stereo recordings.
  • Recovers lost ambience, space, depth, imaging and clarity--subtly and naturally.
  • Provides post-production control of reverb returns, after the recording has been made!
  • Preserves the mix, without changing center levels, without causing phasiness or comb filtering.
  • Offers the most effective conversion of mono recording to stereo by extracting their inherent ambience to a stereo field.
  • Compensates for lost ambience and space when using low-bit-rate coders, such as MP3, or when reducing wordlength from 24 to 16.
  • Adds nothing artificial. Not an ambience or reverb generator. Reveals hidden ambient detail in recordings and helps get that "phat" sound without resorting to compression.

Reverbs that were a bit unidimensional in a recording take on more of a multi-layer quality.

Just like EQ or any other technique, K-Stereo is not a process that you just "apply automatically." I use it on a small percentage of mixes that come in, and if a recording does not need it, then K-stereo can make it sound washy or ugly or if pushed too far, reduce the level of the vocalist in the mix, or bring out the booth in which the percussion was recorded. It's meant to be a polishing technique, the icing on the cake, not the steak and dumplings! But the key is that instead of adding reverb, which can muddy up an existing recording or mix, K-Stereo can enhance what good sound is there but may have been too small.

Interestingly, the more squashed and compressed and squeezed a master or mix, the less useful K-stereo becomes because it just doesn't help. In other words, K-stereo is a natural kind of enhancement. But it works on all types of music, just doesn't help a squashed recording.

NOTE: If you own the own the UAD-2 DSP Card, UAD-2 Satellite or the Apollo Audio Interface, we recomend you to get New UAD version of K-Stereo Here.