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Loudness War: Peace is Almost Here!

Step into my Time Machine. This 20 minute video takes you from the quiet beginnings of the Compact Disc in 1980 through to Loudness Peace by the year 2020. It includes demonstrations of the loudest master I have ever had to make and paints a picture of what the art of audio mastering will be like once the loudness war has been settled. View the movie below or download the high resolution version. If you wish to download, it takes between 4 and 10 minutes to download on a fast (15 mbps) Cable connection, so please have patience for the download transfer.

Thomas Lund's PDF presentation about the progress and triumphs forward in conquering the Loudness War, subtitled "A Tribute to Reason" "Peak Level, Loudness and Itunes". First presented at the AES New York Convention Loudness Workshop chaired by Thomas, October, 2011.

The loudness war is fought with (and over) compression, Susan Rogers presents her latest research on loudness, listener fatigue, compression and much more. This PDF is from her presentation at the 131st AES Convention in New York City, 2011.

Squeezing the Music 'till the Bits Squeak John Atkinson, Editor-In-Chief of Stereophile Magazine, presents the consumer's point of view on the Loudness Race. He demonstrates that we would now consider the classic rock recordings of the 60s through the 80s to be "audiophile recordings" in comparison with the squashed material of today. And he presents a visual waveform comparison of the original CD release of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" to a recent re-release (remastered and hypercompressed).

Here is an excellent, entertaining, short video by Matt Mayfield that explains the problem with the loudness war in a couple of minutes. Suitable for lay people, musicians, engineers! (This is a high-resolution version so please have patience for the transfer).

Click here to download it!
(on a fast cable modem, this one loads and plays immediately. For slower internet connections, you may have to wait for the Quicktime video to appear). Try to listen on a pair of fairly decent speakers. I have a pair of Realistic Minimus 7 speakers hooked to an NAD 30 Watt amp and my Ibook, and the point gets across very well!

Thank you, Matt, great production job!